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Energy & Fitness

Stay on top of your game every day with our exclusive Energy and Fitness products.

Get ready for your next workout with Herbalife24® Prepare, available in Tropical Mango and Watermelon flavours. This unique formula supports healthy blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles during exercise.

Pre-workout supplement.

Spark muscle growth and recovery with Herbalife24® BCAAs, which provide 5g of branched-chain amino acids, including 3g of Leucine.

Green Apple flavour.

Quick feeling of energy whenever and wherever you need it. Herbalife24 Liftoff is a unique blend of Panax ginseng, L-taurine, caffeine, guarana extract, inositol, vitamin C and B vitamins.

Blackberry Spark flavour.

Achieve Protein Bars

A deliciously simple approach to high-protein snacking. Made with simple nutritious ingredients delivering 20 g of high-quality whey and milk protein and 4 g of sugar. Making it easy to reach your nutrition and fitness goals without compromising taste. Whenever you need long lasting protein packed energy to fuel your active lifestyle - at the gym, at the office, or at home with the kids - Herbalife24 Achieve is there.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavour.

Energy Drinks
Herbal Nutrition Liftoff Energy Drinks

Conveniently wrapped in individual pocket-size sachets, LiftOff™ is formulated with a blend of caffeine and B-vitamins to help provide support in energy production which helps you to stay alert and focus.

Available in 2 flavours - Ignite-Me Orange and Lemon-Lime Blast.

Chocolate flavour.

Herbal Nutrition Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport
Formula 1 Sport

Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport is specifically formulated to cater for every athlete’s daily dietary needs. Provides a good source of quality protein derived from Milk Protein Isolate to help in the development of lean body mass and recovery.

Creamy Vanilla flavour.

Herbal Nutrition Herbalife24 CR7 Drive
CR7 Drive

Co-developed with Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7 Drive has been developed to rapidly fuel your workouts and enhance hydration. With natural flavours and colours, Herbalife24 CR7 Drive is a modern sports drink, light tasting and formulated to fuel the drive in all of us.

Acai Berry flavour.

Herbal Nutrition Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength
Rebuild Strength

For immediate and sustained muscle recovery with a blend of Whey and Casein proteins that helps to rebuild muscles over a multi-period of exercises.

Herbal Nutrition Herbalife24 Hydrate
Hydrate Energy Drink

Hydration is the key to a good performance. Refill your body’s electrolytes while staying hydrated with Herbalife24 Hydrate.

Orange flavour.

Herbal Nutrition NRG tablets
NRG Tablets

NRG tablets provide you with the benefits of one of nature’s most energising herbs - Nature’s Raw Guarana. Guarana can help provide an invigorating lift – it is easily absorbed and gets to work quickly.

Herbal Nutrition Herbalife24 Program 1 kit
Herbalife24 Program 1 Kit

Herbalife24 is a comprehensive performance nutrition line empowering athletes 24-hours a day. We have surpassed industry standards of pre-, during- and post-workout nutrition to help you train, recover and perform like never before with all the nutritional support you need as an athlete.


  • Rebuild Strength

  • Formula 1 Sport

  • CR7 Drive

  • Hydrate

  • Herbalife24 branded drawstring bag and a Herbalife24 product brochure

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