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Exfoliating: Too much or not enough?

If your skin is dull or flaky, has rough texture or an uneven tone, it may be time for an exfoliation! If it’s puffy, shiny and breaking out, you might be over-exfoliating. To get the results that you’re looking for with your facial exfoliator, follow these tips:

Always be gentle. Massage your scrub into your skin in a circular motion. You’re not sanding a piece of wood. This is your delicate skin, so be gentle.

Avoid over-exfoliating during the summer months. Unless you’re very diligent with your sunscreens, freshly exfoliated skin doesn’t have the same barrier as skin that isn’t exfoliated. So, just be sure to always apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going outside. Follow your facial scrubbing with a serum and moisturiser to replenish that much needed hydration. You may even notice that you’re getting great results with your other skincare products. By removing that barrier of dead skin regularly, you’re allowing your other products to better penetrate the skin. Be sure to introduce a gentle facial scrub into your skincare regimen, and exfoliate one to three times a week as needed. Allow for a few days in between scrubbing so you don’t aggravate your skin and end up with a negative reaction. For some, once a week is sufficient. Only you know your skin. And keep in mind; it’s not just your face that benefits from a good exfoliation, your body will benefit as well.


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