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Healthy Grocery Shopping

4 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

Make the food you normally eat as healthy as you can

Try the reduced fat versions of things you eat daily (salad dressings, spreads, yoghurt, dairy, etc.) to save calories. For instance, switching from regular mince beef to turkey mince can cut about 10 g of fat and approximately 100 calories per 85 g serving. Also, try switching from refined starches to wholegrains, like brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Low sugar or non-sweetened versions of foods will also help cut down your sugar intake.

Consider what’s in season

The current seasonal fruit and vegetable options are usually fresher, often retain more nutrients and are usually less expensive. If you have a farmer’s market nearby, the produce might be fresher than supermarkets, which means vegetables won’t wilt as quickly and should retain their nutritional value longer.

Try a new fruit or vegetable once a week

If you’re not ready to tackle a new food, start slowly with a different variety of a familiar food. Why not try a new variety of capsicum, cabbage or apple to get started?

Find ways to incorporate more fish into your diet

Canned tuna and salmon that are wild caught are good sources of omega-3 fats, and they’re also convenient and affordable. Toss a can of tuna or salmon into a salad for a quick, healthy and light main dish.

Once you’re well stocked with healthy ingredients at home, you can experiment with different ways to prepare and combine the ingredients to make a delicious new meal.



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